August 2019

Hi My name is Susan and these are my web pages and I live near Haydock in the NW of the England .

My hobby is bobbin lacemaking (the real stuff not the artificial sort that is made by machines!)  I’ve been making lace since I was about 15.  I make bobbin lace (mainly Binche, Chantilly and Honiton) for a hobby so my site contains information that may be of interest to other lacemakers.  I also do beading so there are also some images of the pieces I have worked.

The image above is a piece of Binche lace I have worked designed by Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billet of Brugge – the design is of the five towers of Brugge.  

You can see more of my work under the Galleries section, the work have been split into separate sections for different laces/beading, sometimes there are multiple parts to a gallery.

You will also see some of my patterns and articles under Patterns (split into the different laces) and Articles sections.

As part of my day job I create training videos so I’ve created my first lacemaking video, you will find the link on the Chrysanthemum and Brugge patterns page.

Hope you enjoy my site.