Binche – part 2

The Tournament from SYLLABUS BINCHE III. In 2016 this lace was the best piece of circular lace (the Richard J Viney Trophy) in the Lace Guild Triennial competition. It is 25cm in diameter and worked in Egyptian Gassed 140 cotton
his pattern is an old Binche pattern called LA HOLLANDAISSE.  The version I have worked was trued up with a technical drawing by Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billet, there are two photos, one showing the overall design the other a more detailed view.
One of my favourite pieces of Binche lace with the five towers, windmill and swans of Brugge. The pattern was designed by Anne-Marie Verbeke Billiet and is now available as a single pattern from the Kantcentrum in Brugge
Binche bobbins, the pattern (by Kumiko) for these has been in KANT. I had these printed onto bags
This very cute angel is from a pattern sheet designed by Anne-Marie Verbeke Billiet, I used of photograph of the lace for my 2018 Christmas card.
This is patterns is my own design, the pattern appears in the KANT SPECIAL BRUGGE (EXPERT)