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  • Binche is a continuous bobbin lace from the Flanders region on Belgium.  It is worked in a relatively fine thread (generally Egyptian gassed No 80 and finer).  It is a mix of cloth areas (‘full work’) surrounded by a wide variety of ground stitches.  Binche is related to other Belgian laces such as Flanders and Paris but where as these are dominated by the one ground which the name of the lace comes from Binche has Flanders, Paris and snowflake grounds, plus many others.
  • Honiton is a non continuous bobbin lace originating from the Honiton area of Devon.  It is worked in fine thread (generally Egyptian gassed 170 now although older versions used even finer thread).  Honiton is known as the queen of English laces.  The flounce on Queen Victoria’s wedding dress was Honiton lace as is the lace on the original Royal Christening robe
  • Torchon lace is a geometric bobbin lace, typically it is the lace most beginners start off with.  Torchon generally has a 45 degree angle to the ground.  Features include cloth areas, spiders, roseground and fans (please note that due to limited availability – I have a busy full time job – I no longer teach Torchon lace