Binche – part 1

This pattern is called Barbel and is by Kumiko Nakazaki
This pattern is is from BUILDINGS by the Binche Masterclass at the Brugge Kantcentrum.  This piece is the Jerusalem Church, the Kantcentrum is just to the left and behind this building now (until 2014 it was in the building to the right (not shown in the lace) . This publication is sold out, it was a limited run of 750 copies.
These are four of the five pieces in LETTERS IN BINCHE LACE by Mika Toyoda.  The fifth is ANGEL which I have worked.  One day I how to play about with FRIEND and change the letters to PEACE… This publication is sold out.
T his pattern is a sampler of different versions of snowflakes.  The versions are all in GRUNDES (BOOK II) by Ulrike Lohr.
This pattern is from a pattern scheme designed by Anne-Marie Verbeke-Billet

There are more images of my Binche lace in parts 2-3 of the Binche Gallery, I will add more over time.