As the Editor of LACE (the magazine of The Lace Guild) for 6½ years I wrote a number of techniques articles which might be of interest to all lacemakers these are linked below.  Other articles will appear over time no doubt!

If you understand the coding and logic involved in working/technical diagrams for lace patterns you can pick up patterns/instructions from around the world and work them without having to understand the language – a lot of Continental patterns come with working diagrams for instance.  With this in mind I wrote two articles on understanding working diagrams.  

Part 1 looked at the basics of ‘stitch’ (this appeared in LACE 136).

Part 2 looked at the different stitches and the colours they represented (this appeared in LACE 138)

I’ve written two articles on how to prepare traditional prickings:

Part 1 appeared in LACE 155.
Part 2 appeared in LACE 156.

I’ve also written an article on winding bobbins this appeared in LACE 158 (April 2015).

I wrote an article for the West Lancashire Lacemakers newsletter on how to mount a lace garter, click on the image above to open the article.